Olympic Weightlifting

Program Overview

Our Olympic Weightlifting program focuses on the three contested Olympic lifts: the snatch, the clean and the jerk.We place a heavy emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting due to the sport’s unique ability to develop an athlete’s explosive power, control of external objects, and mastery of critical motor recruitment patterns. Even mainstream fitness magazines are starting to acknowledge that swiss ball crunches are on the way out and full-body weightlifting is the preferred way to get in shape.We start at the very beginning with the fundamentals and move from there. More advanced athletes will move up in weight faster, while novice lifters will stay with light weight and work on their form.

For all athletes, we suggest a minimum 1 month commitment to this program; for best results plan on at least 3 months of training.

Group Class Schedule

See our class schedule page for our current schedule. Missed classes can be made up as an uncoached session on Sundays during our Open Gym session, or any weekday during Lab Hour.

Olympic Weightlifting

Getting Started

Novice Weightlifters

Begin with 3 private intro sessions: $300.

If you’re new to Olympic Weightlifting, we ask that you complete three private introductory sessions before proceeding to group class. These sessions will teach you the basics of Olympic Weightlifting and ensure that you are successful in the group setting!

Schedule Intro

Experienced Weightlifters


Athletes with prior Olympic Weightlifting experience may begin any Tuesday at 7pm. You don’t need to be a master, but you should be familiar with the lifts and have a firm grasp of the basics (e.g. squatting.)

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CrossFit Athletes

$50/month with existing CrossFit Virtuosity membership.

CrossFit athletes can benefit greatly from incorporating Olympic Weightlifting into their program on a regular basis in order to develop proficiency in these higher skill movements. Should you choose to do this, we highly recommend that you commit to a regular schedule of lifting and frown upon dabbling.

Any Level 2 CrossFit Virtuosity athlete is welcome to attend: you can get started any Tuesday at 7pm. Simply send an e-mail to contact@crossfitvirtuosity.com or stop by the office to enroll in the Olympic Weightlifting program. You use your existing membership for Olympic Weightlifting classes (there is a $50 surcharge per month to participate in this program.)